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 Don't let pain control your life any more!

 Discover how the best pain reliever can make you feel better.
 Most topical pain relief rubs and oral medications only mask 
 the pain. When you mask the pain all you do is make things 
 worse and run the risk of harmful side effects. We have the best 
 otc pain reliever you can get. No heavy burning or cooling effect 
 with our product.

 Give your body what it needs to relieve the pain and support
 natural and healthy joint function. Real Time Pain relief is the best 
 pain reliever formulated to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, 
 revitalize your muscles and joints and restore your bodys natural 
 pain threshold.

 Made with natural ingredients like Capsaicin, MSM, Emu Oil,
 Aloe Vera, Menthol, Arnica Montana, Glucosamine and Chondroitin
 that provide long term comfort for your joints and muscles and a
 pleasant smell.
 Real Time Pain Relief Topical Lotion
 Doctor tested and approved
 FDA regulated
 Smells Pleasant
 People who are in pain shouldn't smell like people in pain
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 includes Free shipping.

 We are confident once you try our product you will be a customer 
 for life. RTPR is the best pain reliever you can get otc.

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