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2350 Cookeville Hwy
Livingston Tn. 38570
Call and ask for Mark Whitney
 The dealership in the cow pasture. Yes vehicles do 
 cost less in the country! Take the money saving drive 
 to Livingston and see for yourself.
 Payments starting at $199 per month with no
 money down to qualified buyers. Everyone is 
 encoured to come in no matter what your 
 credit history is. We have several lenders who are giving money to most everyone.
 September is truck month and we are dealing on all our trucks in stock. If you are in the market for a new truck now is the time to buy and save the maximum amount of money.
 Hundreds of New and used vehicles in stock. Something for every budget and every taste
Hope everything is going great for you today.

The first thing I want to address about the car buying process is not all sales associates are pushy and trying to make a fast buck. The primary duties of a salesperson is to educate the customer about their vehicle needs and wants. The financial rewards should be the last thing on their mind.

 When somebody comes to a car lot they are usually there to buy a car. If a sales associate does not take the time to educate the customer about a vehicle they will get the information from somewhere else.

Buying a car or truck is a major purchase and the more education you as the customer has the more you will understand the vehicle buying process.

We here at Frontier Chevrolet believe that the custome is king. We will take the time to educate you on the best vehicle to fit your needs, wants and budget.
 Thank You
Mark Whitney

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