Back in the 70s when we were cool, it was second nature to smoke pot and drink beer with our friends on the weekend. Every weekend there was always a party at someones house. Then as time went on we grew up, got married and left all the partying behind. We were too busy raising kids and spending time with the Wife to think about parties.

Then as the kids got older and moved away the thought of partying began to creep in. A little wine here and there kind of helped with the aches and pains of the day and seemed to make getting older a lot easier to cope with. Just a few years ago some of the states started to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use even though it is still illegal at the Federal level.

It seems like the older we get the more aches and pains seem to be the normal part of life. My sister in law was always in chronic pain and it seems no matter what kind of prescription drugs she took it helped some but not like they should. She was afriad of getting addicted to pain killers and knew something had to be done.

Her Doctor suggested she try CBD oil because the results from his other patients seemed to be positive. She started taking CBD oil and within a few days the pain had subsided and she felt better than she ever did. If this CBD oil does this for her just imagine what it will do for you.

CBD oil was just starting to become popular and I have heard that it really works so I bought some from a local vendor and tried it. The oil seemed to help with the aches and pains and helped me sleep at night better. I knew we were on to something so I did a search for CBD oil.

There are millions of results out there when you search for CBD oil and everyone claims to have the best. You have to weed through a bunch of crap to find good CBD oil so we did the research and found a few good companies and checked them out to get the best one.

If you are looking for a company with good product and good prices we found 2 that fit the bill. It took a lot of trial and error but these 2 companies seem to have the best products. It was a tough choice but we had to go with HBN.

They are a solid company with great prices and if you want to start a business they have the best comp plan around. To find out more about HBN, its products and biz opp CLICK HERE

PS.There are also claims that CBD oil can help you achieve weight loss,(it don’t give you the munchies like traditional marijuana does), acne and other common modern problems.

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Mark & Sherry Whitney

Business Opportunity Overload

Here we go again with another home based business, this time in the food industry. I can’t count on my fingers and toes all the home based business ideas I have tried throughout my life. I have all this stuff going through my head that I want to do but I would have to live a million years to get it all done.

Being indecisive is really like a rubber ball being trapped inside your head, all these ideas bouncing around in your head but you can’t seem to pick just one and stick with it. It really drives me crazy that I can’t make up my mind what I want to do when I grow up. My Wife says I have ADHD or what ever they call someone who can’t make a decision on life’s career.

I am sure there are millions of people out there who feel the same as I do, their mind just can’t seem to stick with one thing very long. Maybe it is because we are afraid of being successful doing one thing and don’t want to change our life style. Could it be the daily struggle of life makes them feel like they are always working toward something and if they became successful the struggle would stop.

After the struggle stopped they would have nothing to look forward to everyday. The thought of lying on a beach somewhere sipping a cool beverage sounds good, but is that what we really want. We all have things that make us happy mine happens to be marketing.

I tried several jobs but they just didn’t make me happy. It was boring and I found myself daydreaming about helping people market their business. At the moment I am creating food for the same people I used to work with. I enjoy the challenge and it will work for now but in my heart I know I love marketing.

I spend several hours a week promoting our food business in town. I also have a marketing CO-OP that I promote to help local business owners get clients on the cheap.

Everyone has something that they really love and I just love going around and talking to people. Small business owners are the most vulnerable when it comes to marketing their business because they don’t really know what works as far as advertising goes.

The local advertising salesperson or the pesky telemarketers are always bothering them and thinking they know whats best as far as advertising goes. Every business is different and a sales person who has never run a business has no idea what really goes into marketing a small business.

All the salesperson is looking for is a weekly pay check and has no real interest in helping the local business owner build their business. I did take a couple of online marketing courses and own a small business so I do have first hand knowledge what works. You need a combination of online and offline marketing to be successful.

Then again indecisive people who are afraid of what success can do to them don’t really want to have a successful ad campaign. We are afraid that we will get too busy and the success will go to our heads. I once inherited some money from a relative and let me tell you first hand it makes you think different.

Having enough money to get by seems to be the norm for most of us even though we dream of being highly successful. Part time business opportunity seekers are busy making a living at their 9-5 job and if the home business don’t make big money right away, its off to another opportunity.

Being indecisive really affects your life in so many ways. I seen a sign on facebook that said the road is filled with dead squirrels who could not make a decision. Those of us who are indecisive really need to step back and look at what makes us happy and stick with it.

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Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow with more stuff, well maybe the next day or the day after I really haven’t decided yet.

PS.I also like to write from time to time. Check out a book I wrote on addiction.


And a childrens book.


Indecisive Mark,

Can’t decide what you want to be, here is a list of 200 books for you to pick from Business Books Click Here

1 Minute Weight Loss Review

Being a lifestyle and weight management specialists I am always on the hunt for programs to make clients progress easy. I ran across a product called 1 Minute Weight Loss .

The video explained you can lose weight with 1 minute exercises. It is a new product and there is not much information about it yet. I liked what I saw so I purchased it for $37.

After I purchased the product it took me to an upgrade page to purchase monthly coaching. Because i am already a coach I passed and clicked the no thank you link. The link didn’t do anything at all, I figured it would at least take me to an upgrade page but nothing happened.

I then went to my paypal email address and found the email they sent with the link for my product. I clicked the link and downloaded the product.

I was happy with the videos because they were very informative and had 3 levels of 1 minute exercises, Beginner, Intermediate and advanced. They also had ebooks you could purchase but some of the links were dead and I did notice some spelling errors.

I contacted customer service and they did get back to me within 24 hours and thanked me for bringing this to their attention. They said they would fix it and if I needed any help let them know. So now I know customer service is very good.

Update: The website is updated and errors are fixed. Customer service does not leave you in the dark and are eager to solve any problems you may have with their product.

My final conclusion:

Pros: The videos were good quality and very informative, You can start out with beginner videos if you are new to HIIT or if you are experienced you can go to intermediate or advanced. The price is good for the value you get. Customer service is good. They also give you a cookbook and several fitness books which makes this a great value. They offer a monthly coaching program at a bargain price and take it from a coach, this is worth its weight in gold. People who have a coach tend to have way better results.

Cons: Spelling errors and some dead links. This is a new product so there is no real history of the product.

My experience was positive and the exercises are easy to do. You can save money by not having to buy a monthly gym membership. The exercises also seem to work very well and save you a lot of time, which is great if you are busy and pressed for time but still want to get into shape.

I would recommend this product as a buy.

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The Weight Loss Funnel

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Did you ever try to pour liquid through a funnel when it is turned upside down. Not likely because you would miss the hole because it is so small and most of the liquid will be lost. This is the approach that many of us take when we want to get healthier. We try to pour all the stuff we learn from online and other people into a small hole and expect results. What we end up doing is wasting a lot of time and money trying to hit the small weight loss hole.

We try all these different gimmicks to think we are going to lose weight and get healthier. You have all these “Weight Loss” programs that don’t do much but make you fatter and poorer. I can still see all the reviews for weight loss programs where someone tried everything and it didn’t work, but through some kind of magic potion they lost more weight than ever. Don’t be a sucker and fall for this crap because their magic pill is just going to make your wallet smaller and not your waist.

Basically what you are doing is pouring process food into your small funnel hole and most of the good stuff your body needs is wasted. Why not turn the funnel around and put good things in there that are going to make you healthy. When you put healthy foods into your body it is like using the large end of the funnel.

All the good nutrients are put into the funnel and nothing is spilled out. The nutrients your body needs are run through the funnel and all the waste is released at the small end.Your mouth is the large end of the funnel and your butt is the small end of the funnel. Everyone has a bigger mouth than they do a butt except for a few who are just big butt holes.

Most all the diets on the market have you pouring their crap into the small end where you miss out on all the good things. The latest diet pill or high priced meal packs are not going to do anything for you. All they are trying to do is shove their junk up the small end of your funnel and waste your hard earned money. Yes you may lose some weight with their products but it will not be a long term thing.

Your body needs the right fat burning foods to shed weight and be healthy.The right foods will help with blood sugar, high blood pressure, sore joints and many of the modern diseases associated with the modern diet. Our wonderful food companies are putting stuff in our food that is not healthy at all. The Government guidelines are pretty lax when it comes to additives in our food because many politicians have a financial interest in the companies that manufacture the food products we eat.

Now you know the facts why not take the time to learn more about weight loss and the types of good tasting foods you can eat to shed those excess pounds and get healthy. Now get your butt into gear and start eating the way Mother Nature intended you to eat, good wholesome foods and not a bunch of sugary junk food that is causing you to get fat and feeling like crap!

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Grass fed, grain fed, free range, organic debate

Exercise is important for weight management. Check out the latest scientific exercise machine my Granddaughter calls The Booty Master 3000. It is really cool and you need to check it out by Clicking Here

Beef it’s whats for dinner, but so is pork, chicken and fish.There are many people on the internet touting the great benefits of grass fed beef. According to The University of Texas A&M animal science department, grass fed beef is no better for your health than grain fed beef.

The study found that grass fed beef has more omega 3 fatty acids and grain fed beef has more Oleic acid and less saturated/trans fats, but there is no difference in long term health benefits.

Many websites claim that meat from grass fed beef is lower in cholesterol than grain fed beef but studies found no difference in cholesterol levels.It sounds like the people who are pushing grass fed beef are full of Bull and need to do more research themselves. You do not have to buy the more expensive meats from grass fed beef to help you get healthier or lose weight.

Now lets take a look at the pros and cons of free range chicken, pork and organic foods. Free range refers to the animals being able to freely roam around a pasture but with boundaries. There are always fears of predatory animals killing the free range animals and costing farmers precious income and increasing the cost of the meat. Animals that are allowed to roam freely do get more exercise and growers claim the meat does taste better.

Free range is defined by the Government as an animal allowed to roam freely for as little as 5 minutes a day. Claims of more humane treatment of free range animals are also exaggerated, because they are still slaughtered just like caged animals.

Organic is a food product produced 95% synthetic pesticide free and no added dyes. The Government does not strictly enforce this and many companies claim organic when in reality it is not truly “Organic”.

Most people today really don’t care if their food is organic or free range because they look at price especially if they are on a budget. There is a difference in taste but consumers are used to eating store bought meat products and may not care about the slight taste difference.

There are some health benefits to free range like the animals having a more natural diet like insects, which does help control the insect population. Still we have not uncovered any true facts that free range is really any better for you than traditional.

There is also a big debate between the health benefits of organic vs conventional meats and produce. A Stanford study has found that there is no health difference between organic and conventionally raised meats and produce.

While conventional produce did have higher levels of pesticides than organic(yes organic still uses pesticides), they are under the Government safety limit. If you wash your produce before you eat it most of the pesticide residue will be removed.

Soak fruits and vegetables in a solution of water and baking soda before you eat them(Wash them right after you bring them home from the store). Fill a large bowl with water and 2 or 3 teaspoons of baking soda. Allow the produce to soak for 2-5 minutes and up to 15 minutes if time permits,then rinse with cold water.

Salad greens can be dried with a salad spinner and all other produce can be patted dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. As long as you wash your produce before you eat it you will reduce the amount of pesticides you eat.

Organic produce is not any better for you than commercially grown produce if you take the time to wash it thoroughly. If you want to eat healthy and lose weight on a budget, eat conventional produce and save money.

Your first choice should be to buy locally grown produce in season if you have a farmers market in your city. Their prices are in line with commercially grown produce,tend to have less pesticides and we firmly believe in buying locally to support your local small business. Most locally owned supermarkets buy their meats and produce from local farms.

Now you know that Organic, free range, grass fed animals and produce really have no added health benefits you should be starting your New Year off with The Hybrid Keto Diet and get healthy without breaking your bank account. Now you know good health is not costly ,it is priceless!

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Hybrid Exercise Machine

The Ketogenic Diet

Exercise is important for weight management. Check out the latest scientific exercise machine my Granddaughter calls The Booty Master 3000. It is really cool and you need to check it out by Clicking Here

There are hundreds of weight loss diet plans on the market and for many people this can be confusing. Our family tried every diet plan under the sun and they all have one thing in common. If you want to lose weight you have to stick to the plan and not give up after a week and claim it don’t work. One big disadvantage to most diets is they do not prepare your mind to the new eating lifestyle. Lets face it, most people want to be healthy but don’t like change.

Change is hard for everyone but sometimes it is necessary for improving your quality of life. If you are struggling with excess fat cells that moved into your body while you weren’t looking, brought it’s whole family and started to multiply, we would like to help you. You don’t need another pill, potion or expensive piece of exercise equipment, just some common sense. Our friends at Neuro Gym want to help you get healthy from the inside out.

When you work on your mind first and tie it together with the right foods, you have a combination that can’t be beat. 99.9% of the weight loss plans on the market never really get to the root of weight loss. They all dance around the subject with fancy words and foods you never heard of. I have been around this world for 60+ years and have never heard of some of the foods they want you to eat. When they talk about foods you have no idea what they are it gives you a mental picture of something that looks and tastes awful.

If you can’t picture something delicious that will be enjoyable, how are you going to lose weight by eating it. We all want to be healthier but don’t picture eating foods that don’t even sound good. Weight loss is also visual and needs to be addressed with the notion that the foods we eat are going to look good and taste good. Your mind is a powerful tool when it comes to weight loss, so use it to your advantage and lose those excess pounds.

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