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Hello and Welcome to Rest Right Tonight. My name is Mattress Mark and my lovely Wife is Springless Sherry. We want to give you a little history on the mattress.

 The first mattress was invented by a cave man, we will call him Fred, a long time ago. If you look at pictures of early cave man you know they walked hunched over. The reason is because they were sleeping on the hard ground and this caused their back to hurt. One day the brilliant caveman Fred came up with the idea of stuffing Dung in an animal skin to have a better nights sleep. This first test had some positive results but his wife refused to sleep with him and they made him bunk in the far corner.

 So Fred being the inventor he was wanted to come up with a better sleep system. He was getting lonely sleeping by himself and he knew he would get in trouble if he took the club to his wife and forced her to sleep with him. Eventually he settled on a mixture of soft grass and straw stuffed inside an animal skin. This worked great until the animal rights groups stepped in and made him stop using animal skins. Now it was back to the drawing board for a new material for the casing.

 One day while traveling down South he ran into a farmer named Bubba who had a bunch of white fluffy stuff growing on his land. The farmer call the stuff cotton and soon a  business was born. They harvested the cotton and made a covering for the sleeping surface that was soft and durable. They soon came up with the name mattress for this invention.

Over the years there were many improvements to the mattress like putting coiled metal springs and foam in a fabric casing. This worked well for some people but there were still people who had back and neck problems. You spend 1/3rd of your life sleeping so Scientists needed a better way to make it comfortable and pain free.

 In the 50s latex foam was a popular choice for mattresses. It was a natural product derived from rubber trees, soft and supported the body good but was a little bit on the pricey side. They also last for about 15 years compared to traditional mattresses with only a useful life of about 7 years. It eventually lost ground to cheap coil spring mattreses and memory foam because of the giant advertising campaigns of the name brand mattress companies.

In the 1960s a group of chemists came up with a polyurethane(form of plastic) product called memory foam. It was designed for Astronauts to help with G-forces on takeoff. It was never really used by NASA because it gave off a noxius smell and was not very durable so the formula was sold to a company from Sweden.

 After years of research the Swedish company introduced memory foam to the public in 1991 as a mattress. Soon everyone was on the band wagon and everyone was producing memory foam. There were troubles with this new found technology like people getting hot at night (no it was not because of hot flashes with Women) and mattresses that would not retain their original shape after a couple of years. Eventually research would solve these problems by using gel foam, air cool technology and denser foam.

About this time Latex mattresses were also starting to make a come back. They were a little more expensive than memory foam but did not make the sleepr hot at night and were made of natural products.

Now you know a little about the history of foam mattresses it is time to discover which one is right for you. We are going to give you a clear understanding about Memory Foam and Latex mattresses and how they fit into your life. To the left is a picture of a Memory Foam, a coil type and a Latex mattress. As you can see the foam mattress is layered with foam and the Latex  is either 1 solid piece of foam or a combination of different layers of foam.. The traditional mattress has a small layer of padding and coiled springs for support. Coil spring mattress tend to have pressure points and wear much quicker than foam mattresses. The main reason spring mattresses are still made is because the are cheap to manufacture.

 First of all be weary of cheap memory foam mattresses, especially ones imported from China and other countries that don't have regulations in place to protect the consumer. These brands which are sold at the big box stores are filled with toxic chemicals that can make you sick.

 A memory foam or Latex mattress may be the best choice for you if:
  1. If you experience back, neck or joint pain.
  2. Have issues with pressure points or pressur sores.
  3. You toss and turn and have difficulity falling asleep
  4. Your motion disturbs your sleeping partner.
  5. Your traditional innerspring mattress loses comfort quickly
  6. Great if you have allergies because they are anti dust mite and anti microbial
What to look for when choosing a memory foam mattress:
 A good quality foam with a density of at least 3 pounds and the ideal is 4 to 5 pounds. Side sleepers should go with 4 pounds for a plush surface, back and stomach  sleepers should use a 5 pound surface. You should choose a memory foam mattress of at least 8" thick to provide the best support. If you like to sleep warm then pick a memory foam mattress and if you like to be cool pick a gel memory foam or Latex mattress. ILD Rating (Indentation Load Deflection) is what determines how hard or soft the foam is.

 Make sure the mattress has a good warranty to go with it. If you never had a memory foam mattress before you may want to get one with a return policy. Most companies will charge a small restocking fee to cover their costs.

 Memory foam mattresses are made of layers of foam to give the best support and comfort. Choose one with a good foam foundation. If you prefer a natural material mattress you may consider latex, which is a little more expensive but just as comfortable as memory foam. If you have latex allergies no need to worry because the manufacturing process washes away all the proteins in latex that you are allergic to.  A memory foam mattress is more of a closed cell foam which tends to compress slower and returns to shape slower. Latex foam is more open cell and tends to breathe better and compresses and returns to shape quicker.

As far as the negative side of memory foam there are only a few negative comments from people who use them. They say having maritial relations requires more effort. If you want to stay healthy a little more physical challenge is good for you. Some people have complained of heat retention. With advances in technology most of these problems are going away. Some people complain of a chemical smell after they open their mattress. USA made mattresses tend to not have these odors as the manufacturing process is more toxic chemical free. If you change positions at night, it will take a minute for the mattress to conform to your new position. If you don't want any of the negative effects of memory foam then latex is the best option for you.

Use a good quality mattress cover preferrably a water proof one. When you make your bed in the morning for the first week after purchase, fold the sheets back a little to allow the bed to air out.
 Now that you know about the benefits of memory foam mattresses and gel technology don't you think it is about time to give one a try. Visit our online store for a quality line of mattress  and sleeping products at wholesale prices. You won't lose a bit of sleep with our prices and quality.

Our products are made in the USA and only quality materials are used to manufacture them. We support local business owners. You won't find any toxic China products here.

PS. After a foam mattress is taken out of the package you have to wait a few hours before it goes back into shape. Also a slight odor from the manufacturing process will be evident but will disappear quickly. If you have smell allergies you can use an ozonator or put a bowl of vinegar on your night stand to alleviate the smell.

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