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Affiliate Marketing Scams

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn a living if you have the right training. There are a lot of sites where they say they teach you how to be successful but most are just over priced hog wash. Through my research I have found a couple that looked promising but only one passed the test.

Whenever I did a search for affiliate marketing training reviews one product was being pushed quite frequently. The product was called Wealthy Affiliate and seemed good so I thought I would investigate. I signed up for free and got to build a wordpress website. They teach you a few introductory things about making money on the internet, but they mostly try to get you to sign up for premium. If you don’t sign up for the premium membership they tell you all the stuff you are missing out on.

The stuff they taught was ok and all the premium members were telling about how great it was to be a premium member and all the money they were making. It just sounds to me like another website that tells you how rich you can be by making them rich first. I found the training short but most sites like this only give you a teaser and then hit you with the premium membership. Wealthy Affiliate is ok but not the site I use for affiliate marketing training.

My number one pick for affiliate training is Drum Roll Affilorama. They are also free to join and yes they do have a premium membership but their free training is light years ahead of everyone. They introduce you to affiliate marketing, then go on to teach you about everything you need to get making money on the internet. They have a ton of free training and also offer you low cost products to help make your journey in affiliate marketing as profitable as possible.

Don’t just take my word for it, visit their website and see for yourself.
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Best MLM Company Ever

If you always wanted to start a home base mlm network marketing company and don’t know where to start listen up. There are many companies out there that don’t have your best interest in mind at all. Many will try their best to get your money and then give you nothing in return. They try to complicate their business model and compensation plan so much that even the most experienced marketer will be confused.

In our search for a good network marketing mlm company we went through many fools gold companies before we found the true golden nugget. This company we finally found has no smoke and mirrors and their compensation plan is pretty straight forward. The best part about this network marketing company is they have a product every online marketer can use. They even have a 1 page policies and procedures page with no hidden agendas to cheat their reps out of their hard earned money.

An Autoresponder is an essential tool to have in your marketing arsenal. Building a list of responsive customers is a must for your success both online and offline. No matter what business you are in or product you sell, building your list will also allow you introduce them to the business side of the autoresponder. Everyone always says the money is in the list but it is also the way you manage it that counts.

If you build a list of customers and just let it sit there, most of your subscribers will opt out and go somewhere else to get what they want. You need to be in constant contact with your subscribers and nurture them and build up a trust. When people trust you they will be more responsive to your offers and buy from you when they see something of value.

Offer them something of good value to them to get them on your list and them smother them with great tips to build their business. I promise you the more you do for people, the more rewards you will have in life. If you introduce them to an awesome Autoresponder and offer them quality products to go with it, you will be more prosperous in the end.

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Why Nobody makes money in MLM

Nobody was tired of working for somebody else and being broke all the time. Nobody remembered that somebody had mentioned about an MLM business they were in. So Nobody contacted somebody and asked about the mlm business. Somebody was happy to pick up nobody and take him to the MLM meeting.

At the door everybody was happy to see nobody at the meeting and offered nobody refreshments. Everybody started chanting about the network marketing business opportunity and claimed anybody could make money if they joined. Nobody was intrigued by what he heard so he signed up and bought a kit.

Somebody told nobody it would be a breeze to make a ton of money by starting with a list of his warm market. Nobody made a list and called everybody on the list only to find out not anybody wanted to sign up for the business opportunity. Eventually nobody did manage to sign up somebody and was thrilled to finally get a commission or so he thought.

In the fine print was a little thing called 1 up which basically gives the first sale to his upline.  Nobody was also mad to find out that he has to have 2 people, one on each side of his leg to qualify for commissions. He also found out that he had to have so many bv points to get any commissions.Nobody said well ok just a little set back so I will just get somebody else.

Nobody finally signed up somebody else but found out he can’t use XYZ to promote his business and lost that customer to his upline. His sponsor said you didn’t read the Terms Of Service, because you would of known that.

Nobody looked up the terms of service and found them to be many pages long and so complicated you would need a PHD to figure them out. Nobody was starting to think that this MLM business was not very good so he looked for another one.

The same thing kept happening to Nobody over and over until Nobody was fed up and said I quit this MLM thing. Every time I try to make some money I get deceived. There is just no way I can see that anybody can make money with this business model.

One day Nobody was surfing the internet and ran across an ad for MLM training. Nobody was not sure if it was going to pan out but said hey why not give it a try. So he signed up and somebody sent him some information on how to be profitable at MLM.

At first it was a learning curve but as Nobody started to apply what he learned some money started coming in. Soon Nobody was making money and everybody wanted to join his MLM company. So as you can see Nobody really can make money when he got the proper training.

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Email Marketing is alive and well

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Beware of Network Marketing TOS and PAP

Use extreme caution when joining a network marketing company.
You are probably wondering what in the heck is Network Marketing TOS and PAP, well keep reading to find out. TOS stands for Terms Of Service and PAP stands for Policies And Procedures. These are very important documents when considering joining a Network Marketing company. Basically what they are is the heart beat of the company you are joining. Some companies have big hearts and others have clogged arteries.

So you found a great company, went to an online webinar or in person meeting and bought a kit because you liked the product. When your kit came you tried the product and thought it was wonderful and couldn’t wait to share it. So you put up a bunch of classified ads online, talked to people around your area, went to a few festivals and flea market and started selling products.

You sold out of your product you had on hand so you placed an order from the company website. Soon you were selling more and more and signing up a few reps. Things were going great and you felt like your ship had finally came in and was out in the harbor waiting for you to board it.Your commission checks were starting to get bigger and you called the travel agency to book a mini vacation to celebrate your good business experience.

The next month came around and you didn’t receive your commission check, so you called the company to find out what was going on. They said your account has been terminated for non compliance. About this time you want to reach into the phone and rip somebodies head off but you keep your composure and ask why your account was terminated.

The rude lady at the other end of the phone says in a snotty voice”You put up classified ads on craigslist which is against company policy and we terminated your account”. If you would of read your TOS documents, page 15 paragraph 4 it states “no associate shall use any online classified ad site to promote XYZ products”. Sad to say but a lot of network marketing companies have long TOS and or PAP to confuse and cheat their reps.

Even some of the network marketing training groups on facebook don’t tell you about these important documents. I am a member of a MLM group and I posted about TOS and POP documents and they disapproved my post. I thought they were trying to teach potential network marketers about MLM pitfalls, but I guess the guy who runs the group must be an owner of a big MLM company and don’t want word to get out. I won’t mention names but the guy is a big shot in the network marketing field.

One day my wife came to me and was all excited about a network marketing company she found. I have been trying for years to get her excited about something besides me. I won’t go into detail about the company but they do sell cheap jewelry. She had money in hand ready to buy the starter kit until we read the policies and procedures. It was 27 pages long and basically said if you fart wrong they could terminate your distributorship. That my friend is a company that does not have your best interest in mind.

Before you join any MLM company make sure you read through the TOS and or PAP. If it is several pages long and hard to understand, move on to the next company.If you have a company that you are interested in, send us their website in the comments and we will evaluate it for you to see if it is a good fit. Better yet sign up for our 7 day MLM crash course and learn how to be successful at MLM.


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