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Why Nobody makes money in MLM

Nobody was tired of working for somebody else and being broke all the time. Nobody remembered that somebody had mentioned about an MLM business they were in. So Nobody contacted somebody and asked about the mlm business. Somebody was happy to pick up nobody and take him to the MLM meeting.

At the door everybody was happy to see nobody at the meeting and offered nobody refreshments. Everybody started chanting about the network marketing business opportunity and claimed anybody could make money if they joined. Nobody was intrigued by what he heard so he signed up and bought a kit.

Somebody told nobody it would be a breeze to make a ton of money by starting with a list of his warm market. Nobody made a list and called everybody on the list only to find out not anybody wanted to sign up for the business opportunity. Eventually nobody did manage to sign up somebody and was thrilled to finally get a commission or so he thought.

In the fine print was a little thing called 1 up which basically gives the first sale to his upline.  Nobody was also mad to find out that he has to have 2 people, one on each side of his leg to qualify for commissions. He also found out that he had to have so many bv points to get any commissions.Nobody said well ok just a little set back so I will just get somebody else.

Nobody finally signed up somebody else but found out he can’t use XYZ to promote his business and lost that customer to his upline. His sponsor said you didn’t read the Terms Of Service, because you would of known that.

Nobody looked up the terms of service and found them to be many pages long and so complicated you would need a PHD to figure them out. Nobody was starting to think that this MLM business was not very good so he looked for another one.

The same thing kept happening to Nobody over and over until Nobody was fed up and said I quit this MLM thing. Every time I try to make some money I get deceived. There is just no way I can see that anybody can make money with this business model.

One day Nobody was surfing the internet and ran across an ad for MLM training. Nobody was not sure if it was going to pan out but said hey why not give it a try. So he signed up and somebody sent him some information on how to be profitable at MLM.

At first it was a learning curve but as Nobody started to apply what he learned some money started coming in. Soon Nobody was making money and everybody wanted to join his MLM company. So as you can see Nobody really can make money when he got the proper training.

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