About Us

Over the years we try one thing or another to make money online. Hit the search engines and click on links that look interesting to us. We find what we think is always a great opportunity only to get let down again and again.

Snake oil salesmen are everywhere and that is why I am glad this website is available. You guys weed out the crap and get right to the honey.

I actually found my calling totally by accident. I started noticing my Wife was losing weight. I said dear what are you doing to drop the weight. She said I have been doing a Keto diet but I added a little twist to it because I don’t like all the restrictions.

She had been trying to lose weight for years with no luck. Within 3 months she had lost 35 lbs and still enjoys the foods she loves and doesn’t have to go sweat at a gym and pay monthly fees.

Weight loss is another area where there are con artists trying to sell you a miracle weight loss solution. The only thing that loses weight is your wallet.
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