Back in the 70s when we were cool, it was second nature to smoke pot and drink beer with our friends on the weekend. Every weekend there was always a party at someones house. Then as time went on we grew up, got married and left all the partying behind. We were too busy raising kids and spending time with the Wife to think about parties.

Then as the kids got older and moved away the thought of partying began to creep in. A little wine here and there kind of helped with the aches and pains of the day and seemed to make getting older a lot easier to cope with. Just a few years ago some of the states started to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use even though it is still illegal at the Federal level.

It seems like the older we get the more aches and pains seem to be the normal part of life. My sister in law was always in chronic pain and it seems no matter what kind of prescription drugs she took it helped some but not like they should. She was afriad of getting addicted to pain killers and knew something had to be done.

Her Doctor suggested she try CBD oil because the results from his other patients seemed to be positive. She started taking CBD oil and within a few days the pain had subsided and she felt better than she ever did. If this CBD oil does this for her just imagine what it will do for you.

CBD oil was just starting to become popular and I have heard that it really works so I bought some from a local vendor and tried it. The oil seemed to help with the aches and pains and helped me sleep at night better. I knew we were on to something so I did a search for CBD oil.

There are millions of results out there when you search for CBD oil and everyone claims to have the best. You have to weed through a bunch of crap to find good CBD oil so we did the research and found a few good companies and checked them out to get the best one.

If you are looking for a company with good product and good prices we found 2 that fit the bill. It took a lot of trial and error but these 2 companies seem to have the best products. It was a tough choice but we had to go with HBN.

They are a solid company with great prices and if you want to start a business they have the best comp plan around. To find out more about HBN, its products and biz opp CLICK HERE

PS.There are also claims that CBD oil can help you achieve weight loss,(it don’t give you the munchies like traditional marijuana does), acne and other common modern problems.

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Mark & Sherry Whitney

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