Business Opportunity Overload

Here we go again with another home based business, this time in the food industry. I can’t count on my fingers and toes all the home based business ideas I have tried throughout my life. I have all this stuff going through my head that I want to do but I would have to live a million years to get it all done.

Being indecisive is really like a rubber ball being trapped inside your head, all these ideas bouncing around in your head but you can’t seem to pick just one and stick with it. It really drives me crazy that I can’t make up my mind what I want to do when I grow up. My Wife says I have ADHD or what ever they call someone who can’t make a decision on life’s career.

I am sure there are millions of people out there who feel the same as I do, their mind just can’t seem to stick with one thing very long. Maybe it is because we are afraid of being successful doing one thing and don’t want to change our life style. Could it be the daily struggle of life makes them feel like they are always working toward something and if they became successful the struggle would stop.

After the struggle stopped they would have nothing to look forward to everyday. The thought of lying on a beach somewhere sipping a cool beverage sounds good, but is that what we really want. We all have things that make us happy mine happens to be marketing.

I tried several jobs but they just didn’t make me happy. It was boring and I found myself daydreaming about helping people market their business. At the moment I am creating food for the same people I used to work with. I enjoy the challenge and it will work for now but in my heart I know I love marketing.

I spend several hours a week promoting our food business in town. I also have a marketing CO-OP that I promote to help local business owners get clients on the cheap.

Everyone has something that they really love and I just love going around and talking to people. Small business owners are the most vulnerable when it comes to marketing their business because they don’t really know what works as far as advertising goes.

The local advertising salesperson or the pesky telemarketers are always bothering them and thinking they know whats best as far as advertising goes. Every business is different and a sales person who has never run a business has no idea what really goes into marketing a small business.

All the salesperson is looking for is a weekly pay check and has no real interest in helping the local business owner build their business. I did take a couple of online marketing courses and own a small business so I do have first hand knowledge what works. You need a combination of online and offline marketing to be successful.

Then again indecisive people who are afraid of what success can do to them don’t really want to have a successful ad campaign. We are afraid that we will get too busy and the success will go to our heads. I once inherited some money from a relative and let me tell you first hand it makes you think different.

Having enough money to get by seems to be the norm for most of us even though we dream of being highly successful. Part time business opportunity seekers are busy making a living at their 9-5 job and if the home business don’t make big money right away, its off to another opportunity.

Being indecisive really affects your life in so many ways. I seen a sign on facebook that said the road is filled with dead squirrels who could not make a decision. Those of us who are indecisive really need to step back and look at what makes us happy and stick with it.

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Indecisive Mark,

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