The Weight Loss Funnel

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Did you ever try to pour liquid through a funnel when it is turned upside down. Not likely because you would miss the hole because it is so small and most of the liquid will be lost. This is the approach that many of us take when we want to get healthier. We try to pour all the stuff we learn from online and other people into a small hole and expect results. What we end up doing is wasting a lot of time and money trying to hit the small weight loss hole.

We try all these different gimmicks to think we are going to lose weight and get healthier. You have all these “Weight Loss” programs that don’t do much but make you fatter and poorer. I can still see all the reviews for weight loss programs where someone tried everything and it didn’t work, but through some kind of magic potion they lost more weight than ever. Don’t be a sucker and fall for this crap because their magic pill is just going to make your wallet smaller and not your waist.

Basically what you are doing is pouring process food into your small funnel hole and most of the good stuff your body needs is wasted. Why not turn the funnel around and put good things in there that are going to make you healthy. When you put healthy foods into your body it is like using the large end of the funnel.

All the good nutrients are put into the funnel and nothing is spilled out. The nutrients your body needs are run through the funnel and all the waste is released at the small end.Your mouth is the large end of the funnel and your butt is the small end of the funnel. Everyone has a bigger mouth than they do a butt except for a few who are just big butt holes.

Most all the diets on the market have you pouring their crap into the small end where you miss out on all the good things. The latest diet pill or high priced meal packs are not going to do anything for you. All they are trying to do is shove their junk up the small end of your funnel and waste your hard earned money. Yes you may lose some weight with their products but it will not be a long term thing.

Your body needs the right fat burning foods to shed weight and be healthy.The right foods will help with blood sugar, high blood pressure, sore joints and many of the modern diseases associated with the modern diet. Our wonderful food companies are putting stuff in our food that is not healthy at all. The Government guidelines are pretty lax when it comes to additives in our food because many politicians have a financial interest in the companies that manufacture the food products we eat.

Now you know the facts why not take the time to learn more about weight loss and the types of good tasting foods you can eat to shed those excess pounds and get healthy. Now get your butt into gear and start eating the way Mother Nature intended you to eat, good wholesome foods and not a bunch of sugary junk food that is causing you to get fat and feeling like crap!

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