Beware of Network Marketing TOS and PAP

Use extreme caution when joining a network marketing company.
You are probably wondering what in the heck is Network Marketing TOS and PAP, well keep reading to find out. TOS stands for Terms Of Service and PAP stands for Policies And Procedures. These are very important documents when considering joining a Network Marketing company. Basically what they are is the heart beat of the company you are joining. Some companies have big hearts and others have clogged arteries.

So you found a great company, went to an online webinar or in person meeting and bought a kit because you liked the product. When your kit came you tried the product and thought it was wonderful and couldn’t wait to share it. So you put up a bunch of classified ads online, talked to people around your area, went to a few festivals and flea market and started selling products.

You sold out of your product you had on hand so you placed an order from the company website. Soon you were selling more and more and signing up a few reps. Things were going great and you felt like your ship had finally came in and was out in the harbor waiting for you to board it.Your commission checks were starting to get bigger and you called the travel agency to book a mini vacation to celebrate your good business experience.

The next month came around and you didn’t receive your commission check, so you called the company to find out what was going on. They said your account has been terminated for non compliance. About this time you want to reach into the phone and rip somebodies head off but you keep your composure and ask why your account was terminated.

The rude lady at the other end of the phone says in a snotty voice”You put up classified ads on craigslist which is against company policy and we terminated your account”. If you would of read your TOS documents, page 15 paragraph 4 it states “no associate shall use any online classified ad site to promote XYZ products”. Sad to say but a lot of network marketing companies have long TOS and or PAP to confuse and cheat their reps.

Even some of the network marketing training groups on facebook don’t tell you about these important documents. I am a member of a MLM group and I posted about TOS and POP documents and they disapproved my post. I thought they were trying to teach potential network marketers about MLM pitfalls, but I guess the guy who runs the group must be an owner of a big MLM company and don’t want word to get out. I won’t mention names but the guy is a big shot in the network marketing field.

One day my wife came to me and was all excited about a network marketing company she found. I have been trying for years to get her excited about something besides me. I won’t go into detail about the company but they do sell cheap jewelry. She had money in hand ready to buy the starter kit until we read the policies and procedures. It was 27 pages long and basically said if you fart wrong they could terminate your distributorship. That my friend is a company that does not have your best interest in mind.

Before you join any MLM company make sure you read through the TOS and or PAP. If it is several pages long and hard to understand, move on to the next company.If you have a company that you are interested in, send us their website in the comments and we will evaluate it for you to see if it is a good fit. Better yet sign up for our 7 day MLM crash course and learn how to be successful at MLM.


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